If you have a family law matter that you need resolved quickly and effectively, the Hosannah Law Group can be of assistance.

We litigate a myriad of matters, including custody disputes, wills and estate planning, divorce proceedings and more.

Family Law

The Hosannah Law Group provides litigation and mediation in all aspects of a family law matters, including but not limited to: the distribution of marital assets, committed intimate relationships (also known as common law marriage), child custody, Guardian Ad Litem cases, and matters between unmarried parents. We serve our clients from the beginning of a case up to and throughout trial, if necessary.

Administrative Law

We represent individuals accused of offenses against vulnerable children and adults who face the loss of a professional business or other licenses. Desiree Hosannah is a former Administrative Law Judge with the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings, the entity that handles administrative hearings regarding child abuse, elder abuse and other matters brought against people by the State.

Wills and Estate Planning

We assist individuals in getting their financial affairs in order by preparing legal documents which insure their wishes are carried out after their passings.

Elder Law

Elder Law involves guardianship proceedings and other matters facing the elderly and other vulnerable populations. We are proud to provide litigation which protects the rights of our clients.